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#1 2022-04-24 13:51:15

Ben Kerin
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Will we see Bret Hart in AEW again?

So Bret Hart returning to AEW was a strong rumor for a while until it transpired he signed a major WWE legends deal.

Dave Melter recently said, “I was told that AEW believes that Bret can not work for them because of a WWE deal. Bret has a legends contract with WWE" - … E-How-AEW/

Bret himself also told Meltzer concerning the Finals of the Owen Hart Tournament "they [AEW] haven’t asked me" to be a part of it.

Some suggest Bret has no interest given his past issues with Owen's widow Martha Hart, others believe Bret is keeping his status on the low and will make an appearance.

What's your take?


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