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Where does Adam Cole end up?

It would appear Adam Cole is a free agent so the obvious question is where does he go from here. Does he go to AEW? Does he stay in WWE? Or does he go somewhere else? Being a WWE fan I would like to see him stay in WWE and maybe feud with Shinske on SD or Sheamus on Raw maybe even Cesaro or Rollins. The point is they’re some good potential matches for him on the main roster but the down side is WWE doesn’t have the greatest track record with booking/storylines for NXT talent. As far as AEW goes you have the obvious reason of Britt bring their and some interesting matchups there too. My question as far as AEW goes is where would he fit in? With Punk joining the company and the expected signing of Bryan and Wyatt where would Cole fit in? I don’t think he would be a main event player in AEW given the size and talent of their current roster. So the question he’s going to have to ask himself if he’s deciding between WWE and AEW is does he trust WWE creative enough to book him right and give him the main event push that he has a better chance of getting in WWE or does he go to AEW where he could get lost in an always expanding roster but still be with his girlfriend? What are y’all’s thoughts on where Adam Cole ends up? Let me know!!


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Re: Where does Adam Cole end up?

I think he could have a spot in AEW, while he's dating Britt Baker, he's also super close friends with the Bucks, Kenny, and I believe Cody as well, so if he does end up in AEW, I think there's a spot for him. Selfishly I'd like to see him there so he could be in Being the Elite again and I personally would like to see what he does there. Currently with the Elite and him being a member of the Bullet Club he could have a storyline right there.

However, if he does stay in WWE, I believe Raw would be better for him over Smackdown because Smackdown's roster is so heavily stacked with Rollins, Reigns, now Balor as well, and Raw needs more talent in the title picture which I could see working well for him. I feel if he went to Smackdown he's have trouble finding footing there and Raw would be the better option. When it comes to booking, I don't know where exactly he'd be placed, but that would only be for time to tell.

Wherever he ends up is wherever he ends up, I'd be a little disappointed if he doesn't come to AEW, but as I've said before, where a talent signs is there own decision and completely up to them. Same thing I said when Jeff Hardy resigned with WWE, if it's where the wrestler wants to be, then that's how it is and I respect that. So if he comes to AEW, awesome, he stays in WWE, also cool.

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Re: Where does Adam Cole end up?

Seems like Adam is waiting to evaluate any and all offers, the obvious place seems to be AEW for the reasons we all know, I don’t see him getting lost in the system either due to his relationship with Kenny, Nick & Matt.


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